Lomo Lc-a, Lc-a+, Lc-a+ RL lens comparison!

Original Lc-a vs Lc-a+ RL vs Lc-a+ chinese lens

There are two versions of the Lc-a+:

- the Lc-a+ with the chinese lens
- the Lc-a+ RL with the russian lens

To konw wich lens your camera has you have to slightly open the lens cover. I fou can read "lens made in Russia" then you are the luchy owner of aLomo Lc-a+ RL.

Farewell Polaroid i-Zone!

Polaroid i-zone review, manual and istructions

I-zone is a defunct film format by Polaroid sized 24x36mm. This post is just a farewell to i-zone.

Lomography Spinner 360 Review

The Spinner 360 is one of the newest creations of Lomography. Its uniqueness lies in being able to take 360 degree panoramas, which is normally possible only by joining several shots via software. The box, in the best tradition of Lomography, is very stylish and includes, in addition to the camera, the manual, some print samples, a poster, a lens cap and a spare rubber.  Maybe a free film could be a better gift. 

Lomo Lc-a fix

This is not a comprehensive repair guide for the Lomo LC-A but I present only the techniques that I used with my camera. For information on various types of failures of the Lc-a see the Lomo Repairs group on Flickr.

To disassemble the camera follow the pictures on Lomo Repairs pool on Flickr.

Pedal remote control for reflex

Tutorial authors know that very often would be useful to have a third hand to be able to take pictures while hands are busy. As a workaround I created for my Nikon D5100 digital SLR camera a foot pedal.

Repairing a Polaroid SX-70

The Polaroid SX-70 cameras are great but now are 30 years old and so it is obvious that start to deteriorate. With this post I can not explain how to repair any failure of the sx-70, but I will discuss one common defect, which I personally found on my two cameras. I put a new pack of film, close the door, the motor starts to spin making noise, no picture is ejected, and the motor does not stop until I extract the cartridge or until the battery runs out. The problem can also occur suddenly after shooting few pictures. However, looking around the internet I found some valuable information from a Flickr user, Redlomo, in a discussion that explained the steps needed to fix the sx-70. Following this advice I managed to fix both my sx-70 and, to make life easier for those who want to try on their own, I tried to film the second repair in order to make available this tutorial.

Maurizio Galimberti emulation

Among the photographers who use Polaroid films the most famous is Maurizio Galimberti. His portraits are amazing and you can admire them on his website.

Just to be clear: to shoot like Galimberti you need study, smartness, creativity and sensitivity, and a real artist should still try their own way. So there's no surprise to see Maurizio Galimberti showing his technique. Galimberti actually works with many techniques, but probably the best known is that of the Polaroid

Light shield for Impossible film

Everybody knows that the first stocks of Polaroid-compatible film produced by Impossible Project suffers from an annoying problem: when the camera eject them they are still too sensitive to light and therefore there's the risk of ruining them.

Polaroid - Film and cameras


Polaroid still fascinate many amateur and professional photographers. With this post I try to answer all those people who ask me what model to buy and what film to use.

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