Easy Italian Solitaire for iPhone, iPad e iPod Touch

Solitario Facile con carte napoletane per iPhone, iPad e iPod Touch

Easy Solitaire - Giuseppe Di Cillo

Easy Solitaire is a free italian solitaire with Neapolitan cards for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.
The graphic is optimized for different supported devices.
Key features include:
-automatic game saving
-ability to make the game easier by settings
-multiple "Undo"
-play either in portrait or landscape mode

Easy Solitaire - Giuseppe Di Cillo


Where are the settings options located?

You must tap the "i" icon.

I like it as it is very realistic.
Would you mind to develop the "Napoleon solitaire" as well with the same cards? Do you know it?
The one you put al the cards on the table in eight rows , four on the left of an empty column and the remaining four on it's right. But if the central cell is still free when you encounter an ace you fill it with it otherwise you continue and the ace remain in the row.
The game is then to pile up the ace in the middle column with its own cards by increasing value up to the king, moving cards among the external part of the rows by contiguous value of the same type either by up or down value order.

Thank you for that,
I love it!
The legend says Napoleon invented & played it when he was alone in the St. Elena island....

Thank you. Maybe in the future we'll add other solitaires.

The re-deal button doesn't work.

we need some more info to try to recreate the problem. Which device and which Os version you are using?

Mi piace molto

Ne siamo felici :-)

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