Tutorial SketchBook Pro: princess Serenity

As promised in the previous post, here I am with a compete drawing.

The princess Serenity

I choosen an image I had on my Ipad, downloaded from Internet some months ago.

I don't remember the author of this image, but i thank him and, if he read this post, I ask him to send me the link to his blog as I can add it in this tutorial.


In the next images I often show the tools bar so you can view the used tool.

But, before beginning, I want remember you to save your work frequently!

The drawing

A grid to get the dimension and position of my drawing. I saved this layer as a separate file so I can use it for my new works:

Menu > Gallery > Save as

New layer


A first sketch. 

Move layers

Drag the layer that you want to move:


New level for redraw with more details.

I deleted the layers no more necessary leaving the last sketch.

New layer to get the definitive frawing, qith grey.

I hidden the layer with the sketch and I used the zoom to best define my work.




This layer is the upper layer: all the other layers are under it.


New level for eyes and mouth.

Eyes on a new layer

When I customized the color palette, I didn't insert the blue because  I preferred to use the space available for the many colors of skin, hair and dress.

Then I made two spots of the  two colors needed in an area of the layer where they can be easily cleaned with the eraser (remember that in this layer I will have only the eyes, so I have plenty of space).
In this way, i can "pick" the color by placing the stylus for a few seconds until you see the selector appear, without altering the custom palette.


Eraser to refine the border

New layer and the 4B Pencils

Paintbrush for the light spots in the eyes

New layer and marker with radius 0,20 and opacity 0.58.

New layer for define the eyes.

Merge all the layer with eyes (each layer with the previous layer)

New layer and the marker with radius 0.20 and opacity 0,58 for the skin. 

I merged the two layers.

New layer for all the remaining drawing.

The same colors but the marker with a lower radius (0.9) and the 4B pencil.

Layers at this point of my work:

New layer for every detail.

Eraser for clean the borders.



New layer for little details but, this time, ON the other layers.


The last new layer UNDER all the other layers for the background.




When you draw in the upper left, highlighted in the circle, be very careful not to double tap ... you would see disappear because the whole design of the level where you are!!

In fact, this is one of 4 quick ways to:

    - clean up the layer (top left)
    - return the drawing to zoom 100% (top right)
    - undo the last action (bottom left)
     -restore the last operations (bottom right)

These commands are, of course, also available by activating the menu.

Here are 4 commands that are invoked from the menu:




And then, this is my signature!!!!!!

I hope  you can find this post useful because, if so, I'll wait for the next in which I painted the home of Monet at Giverny, always in my Parisian week!

See you soon



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