Tutorial drawing with SketchBook Pro for IPad: Monet's house at Giverny - PART 1


Here I am for a new paint with SketchBook Pro for IPad

When I was in Paris, I visited the Monet's House and I reproduced the ticket on IPad!

But, instead of reproducing the foto, I wanted to do a "painting" with the tecnique of impressionists.

So I customixed my palette and my tools and made some test of this way of paint.

In the next shots you can see the tools and the result.


For details on tools, colors and layers, see the two previous tutorial here and here.

Colored pencils






Pencil (HB)

I activated the radial menu from the menu Preferences > Color and Brushes sections, so I had my favourite colored tools ready.  


The marker for base areas


Bush text:

  • base with marker
  • small strokes for leaves
  • colored pencils and HB pencil for details


Finally, I hid the layer with the text and began the painting!

On a new layer I imported the grid that I saved last time, so I could drawing the house with correct dimension.

I used the Line tool for the house, and the pencil for the other elements.



New layer for the sky with the marker.


New layer for the roof with colored pencils and marker.





New layer for the house.



new layer for the climbers.


New layer for the shadows on the house.


Then, using new layer for every group of details, I drew the trees and the bushes.

In the next shots you can view all the steps with the used tools.










To be continue in the second part

See you soon




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