Tutorial drawing with SketchBook Pro for IPad: Monet's house at Giverny - PART 2

Here qe are! Ready to finish the picture taken from the ticket for the Monet's souse at Giverny.

As anticipated in the first part, in the following shots you can see the tools I used.

Often, every shot corresponds to a new layer, so you have to merge periodically the layers completed, but if you have the IPad 1 (like me) you have to do it often because it allows a maximum of 6 layers:)









To draw the tree in the upper right I used a tool that, in my opinion, is perfect with very little effort (:))



To draw the tulips, I created a layer above, I limited the area with the brudh and I used the tool for filling.





Then with the brush I refined and I outlined the three areas on which I worked (on a new layer, of course :)) with colored pencils of different sizes by creating grass and flower stems.








And finally, the tulips!














And here is my "impressionist"version of the photograph with Monet's house!
Hoping that Monet forgive me and that you enjoyed my experiment, I'll wait for you the next time.



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