Little bags, pochettes and mini pochettes

Ecco una serie di borsette, pochette e mini pochette!


B33-Pink mini pochette with magnetic  button.
Dimension 11 cm x 9 cm


B28-Handmade pochette with handmade polymer clay button

Dimensions 18 cm - H15


Tricot miniature bags as gift box



B34-Sand little bag with handamde button.
Dimension 22 cm x 15 cm



B38-Handamde green bag with plexiglass handles.
Dimension 28 cm x 12 cm - H 21



B26-Brown handamde pochette with handmade rose - Dimension 30 cm - H18 




B37-Black Handamde pochette with handmade removable polymer clay bracelet
Dimension 20 cm x 5 cm - H 17



B31-Handamde bag and little bag pink and strawberry with magnetic button for the bag and a zip for the little bag.

Bag dimension 24 cm - H28



B29-Handmade pochette with handmade rose

Dimension 18 cm - H12



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