First attempts with SketchBook Pro for IPAD

In june I was in Paris for one week and I had to rest some hours every day because a problem at my right feet, and without wi fi!!!!

 Having so much time to spend, i decided to try to draw with Sketchbook Pro and my new stylus.

My previous attempts with fingers  weren't too satisfying, too much far from my drawings with paper and Promarker or canvas and brushes, but with my new stylus...what a difference! 

Maybe I can avoid to waste colors and paper for my sketches?!?!?

First attempt with the stylus

I began with a simple drawing to exploring the environment and  try tools and colors.

This was the result: not bad but not too satisfying:



So I tried again with a more complex figure using the levels and the zoom.
Not the best result but quite encouraging!


With levels you can experiment without damaging what you have done, and with the zoom you can obtain more precision in details, in particular for little details as eyes.

Giverny, Monet's house

The day after I was at Giverny, the Monet's house (Monet is my favourite painter): a really beautiful place!

The garden is a triumph of flowers and, obviously, the lake is full of waterlilies

After taking hundred of photos  with a digital camera (me) and with the polaroid (Giuseppe!!!!), i found a bench seat to rest sometime, in front of a little bridge. 

So, because I can't stay without doing anything (!!) I decided to draw that wonderful place with my IPad.

This time I liked very much the result, and many turists asked me what application I used, and what stylus, and took some photos of my drawing!!!!


So I thought that the next time I could have been drawing taking the shots and some descriptions to create a little tutorial for those who likes my first attempts and wants to try to learn something from my experience.

Customizing the palette of colors

There are two way to customize the color palette:

from the palette in the right side of the windows:

  • Press one color
  • choose another color
  • repeat for all colors you want to change

From The tools menu:

  • clic for open the tools window (1)
  • choose a color
  • clic on the palette icon (2)


  • drag the new color  where you want on the palette


  • repeat for all the colors you want to change.


In my opinion, the second way is more efficient if you want to change many colors of your palette.

Drawing tools

Clic on the left bottom of the window to change the set of available tools (there are 4 default sets, but I downloaded 3 new sets so I have 7 sets).

In the previous image you can view the first set; in the next image you can view the second set.

Adding a new set of tools

  • click the Add button on the left

  • choose a set


  • here is the new  set:

Drawing tools

The drawing tools are many and they have many properties that you can set to obtaine different results.

The only thing I can say is: try, try, and try again, exploring the different tabs of each tools!


At the end of your tests, you can customize the tool bar on the left with your favorites tools in the same way of colors palette.

Anway, in every moment you can change a tool on the bar simply clicking on it and choosing one other from the same set or from another set.



And now, I finish this little presentation  hoping you liked it and hoping you want to follow me in the next post, in wich i will show you a complete drawing!

See you soon!!



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